Tapering Service - Waistband Alterations - Pocket Replacements

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Tapering Service

We can adjust your denim to your fit, or you just want to have a more tapered fit with a smaller hem, we can taper them for you. If you're scared the local repairshop will cut away that precious selvedge or if your ending up with a very large/fat selvedge? No problem, all tapering will be done from the inseam to preserve the nice details!

Every inseam is possible to reconstruct from a flat felled seam to an overlock seam. We have various Union Special machines and a Juki 5-thread overlocker which can reproduce the original stitch. We try to match the original construction of the jeans, including threads. 

Please fill in the .pdf to make your jeans nicely tapered and in the perfect shape or if you're looking to get that sneaker small leg-opening.

Please add this form to your jeans
Repairform.pdf (358.1KB)
Please add this form to your jeans
Repairform.pdf (358.1KB)

*Every tapering comes with a new chainstitch hem.

* Please note, a leg opening under 16 cm is not recommended, because the foot needs to pass the opening.

How to measure: 

It's easy to measure the preferred width of the legs, by laying the jeans flat and measure them like the pictures below. Please fill in the lenghts in the repairform. Tip: Compare the width with your favourite pair and take over the measurements to make it to your needs. Note: the size of the knee is 35cm below the thigh.

Waistband Alterations (enlarge/reduce waistsize)

At Dutch Denim Repair we've created two techniques to add or reduce the waistsize of the jeans without losing the original details. We house various machines to reproduce the original construction, for exemple the bartacks on the beltloops and we cut away the waistband by hiding it under the patch. A timeconsuming job, but the result may surprise you. 

Please contact us before sending it over and we will help you out how much to add or remove from the jeans. It's also possible to (video)call us for a consult or mail for any questions.



Pocket Replacement

Through our pocket replacement service, we can expanded the life by replacing the pockets completely. 

We stock various heavyweight cotton pocketingfabric from 200 gr/m2 and up. We can also replace it with a denim or canvas fabric for extra strength. 

- Natural cotton twill 220 gr/m2, Navy cotton twill 200 gr/m2, Natural cotton herringbone twill (220 gr/m2),  Indigo/natural cotton denim (14 oz.), Double Indigo cotton canvas (9 oz.) or a natural cotton canvas (9oz.).

For this service it's obligated to remove the original rivets. Please let us know if you'd prefer matching color finishing or a different option. 

- Brass, Copper, Antique Copper, Nickel, Silver and Black

Unfortunately this service is not available for stretch-denim. 

Sending and returning:

We work through mail-order-service only. To get started with the repairservice, please fill in the contact form. If you want me to take care of the repairs, please fill in the contact form, send us an e-mail or a message through Facebook or Instagram. After we've been in contact, you can send your jeans including the 'Repairform' to us. We’ll keep you updated on the process and Edwin (our founder) will send you an invoice when the repairs are finished. 

We are also proud to offer you a shipping deal, This is for Domestic (NL), European and Worldwide shipping. This deal includes the shipping and return, combined in one fee. We will provide you with a shipping label to send over the parcel to Dutch Denim Repair. After the work is done, we will return the goods. It saves you time and get a discount on the shipping.

We use PostNL for our domestic and standard foreign postal service, all send with Track & Trace-service. Other services are also available, such as DPD and DHL. Contact us for actual prices.


When choosing the chainstitch hemming- or the tapering service please note the following:

- Please be clear when filling the form, a message will be send if it needs more specifications

- It is impossible to undo the process of tapering or a cut off hem

- No refund possible after the tapering- or chainstitch hemming service is done

- It is always possible to decline a pair for alterations or for the chainstitch hemming service

- Stretch denim will not be accepted for any alterations or hemming service