Dutch Denim Repair is offering a worlwide quality denim repairservice since 2018. I will personally take as much time to achieve the best result possible for your denim. In that way you’ll be astonished by the way your favourite pair is restored after it's been repaired. It will feel just like a perfectly broken in pair of denim with an extended life. The repairs will blend in with the wear and will maintain the character of the fades. Check out the before and after pictures of previous work.

For me, it’s also important to make sure your jeans are well taken care of by checking them for possible future damage. That being said, I will not repair something, without having your approval. Everything will be known up front.

It will takes approximately five to seven business days to finish the work, so you'll be able to wear your denim again quick! 


Dutch Denim Repair is able to offer various repairs. The most common repair is the invisible darning repair. But if you want a knee repair, but want the damage to remain visible, it's possible. Besides these 'visible' or 'invisible' repairs we offer custom repairs. If you want a custom repair, please contact me. Possibilities are endless.


Singer - 47w70 industrial darning machine

Darning is an older technique used for repairing items by reweaving the fabric by machine. With this technique on a darning machine, it's possible to make stitches where there is no fabric. When used appropriately, the fabric will be restored to new and to full strength. With the right thread color it is possible to makes the rip invisible or barely visible. There are a few machines that are made especially for darning denim. Most common and well-known is the Singer 47w70 darning machine. The first ones dated back to 1914 and is the holy grail for denimrepairs, says Mohsin Sajid from Endrime. They are now sold for high prices and getting harder to find because of its cultstatus and rarity. I personally work on a later model darning machine which is the modern version of the 47w70 from the 40'-50's and does a perfect job.


But what is so special about the darning machine?

It has a free standing foot, which is unlike any other machines that comes with a flat surface. This is needed to move the fabric back and forward freely. The metal cone creates a round and smooth surface to keep the right tension to the fabric to maintain the fit. The needle is surrounded with a springer foot. With every step the foot is pressed on the fabric to maintain tension and is required to create a perfect stitch. And because the foot is also going up with every step, the fabric is continually able to move around. This technique originates from quilting and free motion embroidery. The motor and the machine are both very strong, which makes it possible to darn various weights of denim fabric, even heavyweight denim!


The pricing list is based on the time that is needed to repair them, the machine maintenance and the materials such as sewing thread and needles.



Backpocket repair


Frontpocket repair (includes inner pocket)

Pocket replacement (2x)



Cuff repair - 1 Leg


Coinpocket repair


Crotch repair - Small*


Crotch repair – Medium-Large*


Knee repair – Invisible / Damage visible


Phone blow-out – Invisible / Damage visibe


Buttenhole repair


Small hole / rip (0 - 5 cm)

Large hole/rip (> 5 cm)

Rivet / Button replacement (Copper, brass or black hardware)


from €14,95

from €12,95

*Crotch repairs on heavyweight denim (18 oz. and up) will be charged €5,00 extra

(Shipping costs will be free within The Netherlands for all repairs above €100,-)

Repair + Alterations-form
Please fill in this form and add to your repairs
Repairform_1.pdf (648.96KB)
Repair + Alterations-form
Please fill in this form and add to your repairs
Repairform_1.pdf (648.96KB)

Custom repairservice:

Dutch Denim Repair offers a wide variation of denim repairs / restorations, but we also do custom repairs next to darning and alterations. Please contact us for more information.

Sending and returning:

I work through mail-order-service only, because I don’t have a physical atelier (yet) that is open for visits. If you want me to take care of the repairs, please fill in the contact form, send us an e-mail or message through Facebook or Instagram. After we've been in contact, you can send them over to Dutch Denim Repair. I’ll keep you updated on the process and I will send you an invoice when the repairs are finished. After they’re finished, I’ll send them back at own costs, and after the payment is transferred. Shipping will be prepared when the transaction is succesfully send and will be shipped within twenty-four hours of time.

I will never ask you to pay up front or keep a fee as a reservation!

(PS: It’s is not necessary to wash your jeans prior to sending them over for a repair, but if the jeans are to filthy or to greasy to hold it, I will kindly return them at own costs.) 



I use PostNL for all domestic and foreign postal service, with Track & Trace-service. Click on the logo to go to Track & Trace.

You live near Rotterdam or The Hague?

I'm proud to work with No Sense (store) at the Middenbaan in Barendrecht and with Funkie House (store) on both locations in Rotterdam (Korte Hoogstraat) and The Hague (Schoolstraat). On all these locations, you can bring your jeans in for a repair or alteration. They are happy to take it at the front desk and I'll take care of the rest. Please give a heads up if you want to use the service Dutch Denim Repair provides.